Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cool Bottlecap Necklaces!

Last January Lexi hired a professional printer to print her favorite Headless Tess art. When we received the images we were unsure of what to make with them. One thing we knew for sure, they were really freakin cool and the colors were so bold some of them looked like they could glow in the dark! Seriously these things POP! After some brainstorming and talking to our wonderful customers and friends the Headless Tess Bottlecap Necklace was born.

Before you say it, we know theres lots of bottlecap art out there lol What makes ours different? Aside from the high quality you're used to getting when you buy from our shop.. these caps feature Lexi's bold, bizarre, strange, cute and unusual art and subject matter. You won't find these designs anywhere but Headless Tess. Here is a little peek of last nights listings :D I listed approximately 30 new pieces, you can check out the rest in our etsy shop.

Comic Book inspired CRAFTY! necklace available for purchase in our etsy shop now!

Locked Heart and Crossbones necklace available for purchase in our etsy shop now!

Custom 80's Mrs. Pac Man necklace available for purchase in our etsy shop now!

Creepy Green Eyeball necklace available for purchase in our etsy shop now!

Comic Book POW! necklace also available for purchase in our etsy shop now!

Last but not least my personal favorite the Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Clock necklace available for purchase in our etsy shop now!

We've got loads more cool stuff to list this weekend. In the meantime we're really digging these, what do you guys think? -Dave

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Welcome to the new Headless Tess Blog! I'm Dave, Lex is the artist, Tess is her doll. Lex designs killer Goth, Punk, and Emo inspired clothing and accessories! Occasionally when she lets the manic artist in her run amuck you're gonna find some pretty weird stuff here. We will be adding cool new pieces weekly, hosting contests, featuring favorite artists, posting interviews, and doing special promotions here so please follow us :)
Theres lots of new and exciting things happening around the Headless Tess Studio. I will be listing loads of cool new gear almost daily! Here is a peak of some of the new gear:

YAY Headless Tess Earrings! You asked for them and Lexie made them! There are about 20 new earring designs currently in our shop I'll be adding more soon.

Alice in Wonderland Chasing the White Rabbit Earrings available on ETSY now!

I Brought My Shiney Toy Guns Earrings available on ETSY now!

Falling Star Glam Girl Earrings also available on ETSY now!

We've also added more really cool Cyber Gear necklaces in bold neon colors!

Black and Neon Green Biohazard necklace Available on ETSY now!

Neon Blue Shes Electric Lightening Bolt Necklace Available in ETSY now!

Broken Heart Ribcage Necklace also available on ETSY now!

To celebrate, Headless Tess is having a Grand Reopening sale!!! YAY!!! Get 10% off all items in the shop during the month of August ^_^ Also each additional item purchased ships for FREE! To receive the discount, you must wait for an updated invoice. Thanks for all your support. You guys totally ROCK! Till next time...